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Character Devolop and IC Rules

on Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:23 pm
If you're new to LSRP or you have not many experience about RolePlaying and the development of the character we are here to help. You can start by getting to know people who live around the area and not just standing there like a statue doing nothing. An other one is disrespectin an higher ranker than you are. This can lead to getting jumped or even getting CK'ed (Character Killed). Development of the character can even be RolePlaying getting a job going to school etc. The development of the character is all IC which means even if we know you OOC you can't just RolePlay one-two days and get jumped in. The age of RolePlaying can be 11-14. Thats the age when you get intreduced to the gang. Starting IC beef with an other faction without a high rank gang member premission can lead to CK (Character Kill). Avoid using /b beacuse it can ruin someone's roleplay.

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