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Rules&About the faction

on Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:31 pm
We are currently going through a development faze in order to encounter new potential members of this faction. In order to be apart of this growing organization, you must some how contact a current affiliate via In character. We're striving to portray a realistic point of view of how the Los Angeles, Rollin 40's Crip gang migrated to Los Santos as it continues to grow in different regions of East Los Santos and other parts of the city.

We suggest that if you're willing to put In effort to build this faction to it's goal that you must follow the guidelines that come with this faction.

It is highly recommended that when encountering a Rollin 40 affiliate in game, to role-play as minor or mid-teen. It's your choice of how you display your character development around the neighborhood, which will either lead to being an official member or lead to your characters demise (CK). If you need to stay in contact with us please contact me by Skype (PM for more information.)

  • When encountering us and placing your character in this type of lifestyle, you're automatically forcing a CK of you're character in game. When commenting foul role-play or either disobeying the code of conduct. Before encountering us, you should study and read up on how this Gang formed and molded it's foundation for a better understanding of how this faction works. If you need any guidance, contact me via PM. And I'll be glad to help. This faction is ruthless so be aware of what you're putting your self at risk for.

    In order to post screenshots, you must have valid permission from me or another official member of this faction. We will also help you with posting of how screenshots must be displayed on this thread. If you need any examples, please go over the screenshots already posted of how they should look. If you do not follow this rule, your post will be deleted from the thread until you gain the proper permission.

    If you have already been "put on" - an official member of this faction and is trying to leave your current life as a gang member, it is a must that you contact us in character of your wishes before commenting to your new lifestyle . If not, you're putting your own character's life on the line at risk of either death (CK'd) or kicked out (DP'd) from this faction.

    If you're a new face around the neighborhood, they're "no hand outs" or "special benefits" via OOC, for example, asking for varieties of items for your own benefits IG just because you're friends or know somebody that currently role-plays in this faction. This will lead to both characters being removed and banned from this faction. In addition to, please read the server rules before partaking in this faction. We're hoping to show an enjoyable and equal experience for new and current members while joining. Do not feel left out in any way, when role-playing with us we're all equal.
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